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Adding phytoestrogens to the diet could help to alleviate menopause symptoms, experts have suggested. Gut health pros from The Gut Stuff said: “Focus on phytoestrogens.”

The Gut Stuff was founded by ex-DJ’s Lisa and Alana McFarlane who left their jobs to dedicate the public on the importance of gut health.

Now their experts have suggested phytoestrogens for helping with the menopause.

The experts explained: “These are chemical compounds found in plants, mostly soy but also in legumes, chickpeas, lentils, some cereals, linseeds and fruits and vegetables.

“The two key kinds are isoflavones and lignans.

“The theory is that as they are structurally like oestrogen, they may support menopausal symptoms by mimicking it in the body.

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How menopause impacts the gut

The experts said: “Your gut plays a key role in hormonal regulation, which is of particular importance during menopause.

“Say hello to the estrobolome! In a nut shell, the estrobolome is a collection of bacteria in the gut which is capable of metabolising and modulating your body’s circulating oestrogen, which is key for our hormonal health and becomes even more important during menopause when oestrogen levels decline.

“It is this collection of bacteria in your gut that affects circulating oestrogen levels, which in turn can impact weight, libido and mood.

“If we don’t nourish our estrobolome, it may make achieving hormonal balance during menopause more difficult, which is when we see symptoms of menopause occur.”

The experts suggested more diversity in the gut, which is achieved by eating a diverse array of healthy good.

They said: “Diversity is associated with better health outcomes so we want to do all that we can to support our little ecosystem in our guts.

“In addition to lifestyle changes, when our oestrogen levels decline, it also changes the composition of our gut microbes.”

They went on: “The good news is that you can do plenty to look after your gut microbes to help support your transition through menopause, here are our favourite way to nourish and support the diversity of those precious microbes.

“Can you add one more plant to each meal (and make it different each time)? We are talking vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, pulses and whole grains.

“Is sleep a priority? Could you focus on a good sleep routine to help you get a restful night? Your microbes need you to sleep too.”

Source: Daily Express

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