Almost half of the UK population snore, with 41.5 percent of UK adults susceptible to the bedtime habit, according to figures from the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association. Furthermore, around 57 percent of adult men and 40 percent of adult women “fall victim to the noisy habit” revealed Nic Shacklock from

“Effective methods include laying a pillow behind you so that you can no longer roll over onto your back, a pillow between your legs can also provide support and comfort in your new side sleeping position.”

Your pillow can also be beneficial in helping to clear your airways.

This is because an elevated head position can make it easier to breathe while you are asleep.

The expert said: “For those struggling to stop sleeping on their back, elevating your head position while you sleep can ease breathing.

“Placing another pillow under your head before bed should do the trick.”

However, it isn’t just what you do in the bed that can contribute to a silent night, but also the preparations you make before hitting the sack.

Mr Shacklock recommends drinking more water throughout the day and taking a hot shower before bed.

He explained: “Staying hydrated can positively impact your sleep cycle, particularly for habitual snorers.

“Dehydration can cause mucus in the mouth and throat and nose to thicken.

“Drinking plenty of water will ease this congestion and allow for clearer airways during the night.”

The hot steam from a pre-bedtime shower is thought to “moisten nasal passages and keep airways open”, ultimately reducing the risk of snoring.

Source: Daily Express

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