Just three espressos a day increases the risk of heart disease
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But six or more cups of filter coffee was linked by researchers to higher cholesterol in women. Similar levels of consumption using a cafetiere was also associated with raised cholesterol but in similar amounts for both sexes. The study led by the Arctic University of Norway used data from 21,000 residents of Tromso who were quizzed in 2015-16.

The various effects coincide with the coffee habits of the respective gender of the drinkers.

In a paper published in the Open Heart journal the researchers said: “Coffee is the most frequently consumed central stimulant worldwide.

“Because of the high consumption of coffee, even small health effects can have considerable health consequences.

“Increased knowledge on espresso coffee’s association with serum cholesterol will improve the recommendations regarding coffee consumption.”

Professor Tom Sanders, an expert in nutrition and dietetics at King’s College London, said espresso coffee was often more popular among men.

He said that certain organic chemicals found in coffee increased blood-cholesterol quite substantially – and more than saturated fat.

Prof Saunders added: “It does not really matter what type of coffee you drink if you only have one or two cups a day, but it is important if you drink more.

“It is likely that the differences observed between men and women are due to difference in coffee-drinking behaviour rather than a physiological difference.”

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