Nutella Just Launched 2 New Treats in the U.S. for the First Time Since 2012
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Whether spread on a slice of toast, served with fresh fruit, or drizzled onto a crêpe, there are countless ways to enjoy Nutella. (Not to mention scooping it straight out of the jar.) And now, there are two additional channels for indulging in the iconic chocolate hazelnut spread.

To celebrate the fan-created holiday, World Nutella Day, which is held on Feb. 5, the brand is dropping two new products in the United States. While both items are totally new to Americans, they are “already beloved by thousands across the world,” according to a press release from producer Ferrero North America.

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The first item, Nutella B-Ready, features a light, crispy wafer shell filled with Nutella and puffed wheat crisps. Designed to be an easy, on-the-go treat, the individually wrapped, bar-shaped snack will be available in a 2-count pack for around $1.89, or a 6-count pack for about $3.99 at major retailers. A 36-count pack will be offered at major club stores for a suggested retail price of $13.99 later this spring.

The second chocolate hazelnut product, Nutella Biscuits, consists of crunchy golden cookies filled with creamy Nutella. Bearing a slight resemblance to a sandwich cookie, each biscuit is embossed with an “n”-stamped heart. The cookies will be available in a 20-count resealable bag for around $4.79. If your mouth is already watering, both new items can be purchased nationwide and online starting this month,

nutella b-ready and biscuits
Courtesy of Ferrero North America

Nutella B-Ready and Nutella Biscuits are the company’s first new products to come to the U.S. in 11 years. Back in 2012, the hazelnut spread brand released Nutella & GO!—a portable snack pack with a serving of Nutella on one side and breadsticks on the other. The line also includes pretzels and multigrain breadsticks with oats and blueberries, with the latter making its debut in 2021.

“We are thrilled to be launching Nutella B-Ready and Nutella Biscuits in the U.S., two products that have already received love and accolades across the globe,” Noah Szporn, senior vice president of spreads at Ferrero North America, said in a statement. “In honor of World Nutella Day, a holiday that was created by a fan for our fans, we are excited to double our U.S. portfolio and give our loyal fans two new ways to enjoy their favorite hazelnut spread.”

Nutella’s latest snack offerings aren’t the only new options you’ll be coming across in the cookie aisle. Last week, Oreo announced announced its newest limited-time flavor. Aptly named “The Most Oreo Oreo,” the new cookie features two chocolate wafers sandwiching “Most Stuf” levels of creme with ground-up Oreo pieces mixed in.

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