Popeyes Is Bringing Back This Popular Free Sandwich Promotion for the Summer — Eat This Not That
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One of America’s most beloved fast-food chains is teaming up with a delivery service to make Fridays that much more exciting for customers.

Yes, we said it. Popeyes is doing a repeat of last summer’s free chicken sandwich giveaway. Every single Friday, from this week through August 26, customers can score one of the brand’s famed fried chicken sandwiches free of charge when they order Popeyes delivery through the Grubhub app.

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If you’re not already a regular to food delivery services, this might convert you. Downloading the Grubhub app and creating an account is completely free. Then all you need to do to qualify is spend at least $20 on a Popeyes order, which will automatically add a free sandwich and trigger free delivery, too. The promo code will automatically apply at checkout.

The deal is available at participating nationwide locations.

But there is one caveat. Popeyes’ most recently launched Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is unfortunately exempt from this promotion.

Becoming a fast-food phenomenon in 2019, the chicken sandwich wars left many Popeyes locations completely wiped out of the then-new sandwiches, with customers swarming the chain’s stores in hopes of trying the new “it” item.

According to Forbes, every media outlet covered the sandwich, turning the launch into some of the biggest news in fast-food history. After its popularity took off, the fierce chicken sandwich competition continued, with dozens of other brands creating their own version of the winning item.

But Popeyes remained at the top of the fried chicken game and has since shown its appreciation for the loyalty of its customers. The public’s need to constantly fulfill the fried chicken sandwich craving is nothing short of impressive, which is why the brand’s giveaways have taken off so successfully.

From last fall’s free chicken sandwich Sundays that ran from October to December, to just a month ago when the chain launched a free chicken biscuit giveaway, we can trust that Popeyes always has some free food up its sleeve.

Emily Boyette

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