Prostate cancer: ‘Early’ symptoms include pain when urinating - expert

The prognosis of prostate cancer is determined by the stage at which you catch the culprit. This creates a clear message – the earlier you identify the condition, the better. Fortunately, an expert has shared three “warning” sensations that could ring alarm bells “early”.

One in eight men will develop prostate cancer, according to the Prostate Cancer UK. This high prevalence underlines the need to spot the warning signs.

Fortunately, Mr Alan Doherty, Consultant Urologist at Spire Parkway Hospital in Birmingham, has shared the “early” sensations that could break the news of the condition.

“The main early signs of prostate cancer all revolve around urinating,” said Mr Doherty.

Feeling the need to pee more often as well as pain and burning when peeing are all red flag sensations that belong on this list.

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Mr Doherty said: “You may find it difficult to urinate, need to urinate more often (often during the night), have a weak flow of urine and feel as if your bladder isn’t completely empty even after you’ve urinated.

“A painful or burning sensation during urination or ejaculation, as well as blood in semen and urine, could also indicate that a person has prostate cancer.”

All of these red flag symptoms could be the first indicators that something is wrong but you might only pick up cancer once it has spread.

When prostate cancer spreads to nearby bones, you might also experience pain and tenderness in this area.


Worryingly, prostate cancer does not usually present with symptoms in the early stages, according to Cancer Research UK.

Symptoms mainly crop up once the cancer grows large enough to press on the tube that carries urine from the bladder to your penis, known as the urethra.

While problems with urination could point to the scary condition, they don’t guarantee you have cancer.

Mr Doherty said: “It is important to note that the signs of prostate cancer are also shared by many other, less serious conditions of the prostate.

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“Overall, in England and Wales, 78 percent of people with prostate cancer survive for 10 or more years.”

As identifying the condition early is crucial, the expert recommended seeing a GP as “soon as possible” if you have any “worrying” symptoms.

He added: “There is no cure for advanced prostate cancer, but it is often treatable for quite some time. Many people outlive their condition.

“Often the prostate cancer grows slowly, and there are now effective treatment options that extend life even further.”

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