10 Secrets Dunkin' Doesn't Want You to Know — Eat This Not That
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First off, Happy Thanksgiving! But if you’re reading these words on Thursday, November 24th, 2022, you’re probably more concerned with food than well wishes. While it’s possible to find holiday cheer with ease for some, finding a restaurant that’s open on Thanksgiving can be a bit more of a challenge

But don’t worry, because plenty of your favorite spots are open as more and more people dine out or grab a snack on the big day.

Whether it’s for a breakfast that holds you over until the big feast or for a meal you can actually enjoy after you faked it with your mom’s dried-out turkey, here are 11 popular chain restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day 2022.

(Just note that hours and openings do vary sometimes based on location, so maybe call ahead before you jump in the car!)

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young man holding mcdonald's bag standing outdoors
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What could be more American than celebrating America’s Thanksgiving holiday by going to McDonald’s? Not much, really. Fortunately, per Country Living, most McDonald’s locations are open on Thanksgiving, so whether it’s for a cup of coffee as you drive to your in-law’s house or for a Big Mac late-night, the Golden Arches beckon.

starbucks coffee sign
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Yes, many Starbucks locations are open on Thanksgiving, though the hours may vary so check with your local store. Did you really think this coffee and pastry chain would let you down?


Known for being open 24/7—although most aren’t anymore—good ol’ Denny’s is open for business on Thanksgiving Day. At least, almost all locations are—call ahead to double-check. Several Denny’s locations with which we checked in researching today’s story, you’ll be welcomed in on this fine Thursday. (Some Denny’s will close that afternoon, though, FYI.)

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dunkin donut and coffee

Yes, America can still “run on Dunkin'” on Thanksgiving day! Almost every Dunkin’ location is open for business on Thanksgiving, so go on in and grab a coffee and donut or try a new Wake-Up Wrap (that’s a pancake wrapped around an egg and bacon). Or hey, there’s a sandwich with turkey sausage, so that’s Thanksgiving-appropriate, right?


Ihop coffee mug steaming

The International House of Pancakes is open for business on America’s day of Thanksgiving, so head on in for a stack of pancakes and some coffee. It’s a pretty robust menu, so lunch and dinner work too.


Frosty lovers, you’re in luck! As are Spicy Chicken Sandwich and chili and baked potato lovers, because Wendy’s is open for business on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, most Wendy’s locations are open every day of the year, per the company’s blog, even including Christmas and New Year’s. Try the new French Toast sticks which are driving the chain’s breakfast sales.


You can get your turkey fix at Subway on Thanksgiving. And your steak, chicken, and Veggie Delight fix too. This world’s second-largest fast-food chain is open at most American locations this Thursday, November 24th, 2022.

Boston Market thanksgiving
Courtesy of Boston Market

Considering that many people literally cater their Thanksgiving dinners from Boston Market, it’s little surprise to find that this comfort-food-centric chain is open on this holiday. So even if you left your dining plan until, well, today, you can still have a classic American Thanksgiving meal when you head here right now.

cracker barrel
Felipe Sanchez / Shutterstock

Not only is Cracker Barrel open on Thanksgiving, but there’s a good chance the place will be jam-packed, too. In fact, this is the absolute busiest day of the year at Cracker Barrel restaurants, according to a press release the company put out a few years ago.


Get your wings, beer, apps, and all the rest of your B-Dubs favorites on Thanksgiving Day, because most Buffalo Wild Wings locations are open for business. And yes, there will be football games showing on the screens.

burger king iced coffee
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

Many BK locations have reduced or altered hours on Thanksgiving Day, but almost all Burger King restaurants are open at some point. Call ahead before going to get your Whopper or your Chicken Fries.

Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock

Your friendly neighborhood bar and grill is open for business on Thanksgiving Day, so head right on over to Applebees for apps aplenty, Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp, a Crispy Chicken Tender Salad, or a massive Blue Hawaiian Long Island Iced Tea. Just note that some locations may close earlier than usual on Thanksgiving.

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