Smoking singletons three times more likely to not get a date than non-smokers
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More men admitted to swiping left on women seen smoking cigarettes on their profiles (42 percent compared to 36 percent), and also when they were visibly vaping (38 percent vs 33 percent).

But roll-up cigarettes were named the least attractive smoking device by a fifth of those polled.

As a result, a bold one in four admitted to lying about their smoking habits on their dating profile.

And 27 percent have strategically cut a date short due to the other party lighting up or taking a puff.

It also emerged two-thirds think it’s very impolite of their date to smoke around them without asking for permission first, with one in three (32 percent) left feeling “disgusted”, and 26 percent annoyed.

Darren Griffin, UK country manager from nicotine pouch brand ZYN, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s reassuring that so many non-smokers have suggested healthier alternatives to their dates, and this will no doubt help us achieve our ultimate goal.

“We’re confident that we’ll see a smoke-free world by 2030 – which is still quite a way away.

“But it’s interesting to see that this is already something most people wouldn’t like to see on a potential partners’ dating profile.

“With ZYN, not only is it discreet, it can be enjoyed without interruption to where the user is or what they’re doing – making sure everyone is present enough to secure that all-important second date.”

The study also found two in three non-smokers wouldn’t go on a second date if their companion smoked during their first encounter.

And more than a third said the smell of cigarettes on a date was a major turn-off.

Online daters are also keen to avoid smokers’ breath, as more than half would swerve an end of the night kiss if their date had smoked.

In a list of top 10 dating “no-nos”, the smell of cigarettes came out on top, followed by bad breath, body odour, and stained teeth.


  1. Body odour/poor hygiene
  2. Bad breath
  3. Cigarette breath
  4. Taking recreational drugs
  5. Smelling of cigarette smoke
  6. Having food in teeth
  7. Insulting bar staff or waiters
  8. Food around the mouth
  9. Mid-date cigarette breaks
  10. Chewing with mouth open

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