Stroke: Sufferer shares warning signs - ‘I briefly lost the use of my arm’
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Stroke Association shares their new research found that 51 percent of people don’t realise where stroke ranks on the list of killer conditions. Around 18 percent also underestimate this serious medical emergency.

While stroke might be associated with older age and certain underlying conditions, Mr Eastick warned that you don’t have to be either of those.

The “young and fit” man suffered from a stroke as a 33-year-old in July 2020.

Now, Mr Eastick shared his first symptoms that pointed towards a stroke.

It all started when he was preparing his lunch, he recalls.

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“I briefly lost the use of my arm for about 10 seconds and dribbled a bit but then continued making lunch.

“Then when I went into my next online session, I realised I couldn’t talk. 

“Nothing was coming out except the odd word. My client was saying, ‘Are you OK?’”

The signs Mr Eastick described are considered to be common warning signs of the medical emergency.


Once Mr Eastick arrived at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, the stroke specialist treating him turned out to be one of his personal fitness clients.

A scan confirmed that Mr Eastick had suffered from a stroke. After, he was given drugs to dissolve the clot, which was blocking his blood supply.

Two years later, Mr Eastick has made a good recovery. His stroke was triggered by a “hole in the heart”, which allowed clots to travel between the chambers of his heart and up to his brain.

He had an operation to close this hole at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford last summer. 

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