Supplements: Vitamin C could be ‘useful’ during the summer - ‘avoid’ vitamin D
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“Vitamin C may be a useful supplement for many people to take during the summer months,” said Sonia Khan Pharmacist from Medicine Direct. From boosting your immune system to easing hay fever symptoms, ascorbic acid offers some benefits that could come in handy during the upcoming season.

Like every vitamin, vitamin C plays an important role for various tasks in your body.

Ms Khan said: “Firstly, vitamin C is required to support the proper function of your immune system.

“When taken as a supplement, it may help to reduce how long a cold will last.”

If you plan to mingle this summer, these immunity-boosting properties of the vitamin could be helpful.

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However, it could also be effective against hay fever symptoms, think runny nose and itchy eyes.

The pharmacist said: “It is also believed to possess antihistamine properties, which means it can help to lessen the symptoms of hay fever in people who suffer from this problem.

“Hay fever is at its height during the summer months, so getting some additional vitamin C may make a big difference to the severity of symptoms like red, itchy eyes, sneezing, and skin irritation.

“Furthermore, thanks to the antihistamine properties of vitamin C, it may also help to reduce inflammation and itching caused by heat rash, which is a common affliction in the summer.”


In fact, taking too much vitamin D could even result in “toxicity”, causing uncomfortable symptoms to crop up.

The expert added: “The main issue caused by this is a build-up of calcium in the blood.

“This can cause unpleasant symptoms like weakness, nausea and vomiting, and needing to urinate more frequently.

“Sometimes, the problem can lead to calcium stones and other kidney problems, as well as bone pain.”

As the research in recent years has shown that in some cases certain supplements can do more harm than good, Ms Khan recommended speaking to your doctor before starting any supplement treatment.

“They will assess whether it is necessary for you to take the supplement and if there are any potential risks of you doing so,” she added.

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