This Bakery Chain's Soup Sold in Grocery Stores Is Being Pulled From Shelves — Eat This Not That
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One of America’s most beloved cafe chains sells some of its most popular products in grocery stores to appeal to customers even when they are at home. But anyone who recently purchased Panera soup in one of 12 states should check the packaging because it is being pulled from shelves.

Blount Fine Foods announced on June 24 that it is recalling its 16-ounce Panera at Home Southwest Corn Chowder because wheat, a major allergen for millions of people in the U.S., is not listed as an ingredient on the label. Someone allergic or sensitive to wheat who eats the chowder could have a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction. 

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The recall notice published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that the chowder involved in the recall was not sold at any Panera restaurants. It was only available in the refrigerated section of the deli department of grocery stores. in 12 states, including California, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Vermont, and Washington. 

panera southwest corn chowder
Blount Fine Foods

If you are concerned you may have purchased this product, you can check the label for the lot number 042122-2K and the “Use By” date of 6/30/22.

So far, no illnesses or complaints have been reported in connection with the recall. However, wheat allergies can be serious, particularly in children or those with preexisting conditions.

An allergy to wheat will likely develop quickly, as soon as minutes or hours after consuming a product containing wheat, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms include swelling or itching around the mouth or throat, hives or rashes appearing, nasal congestion, headache, cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or even difficulty breathing, or anaphylaxis—a life-threatening reaction resulting in the severe tightening of a person’s air pathways.

If these symptoms occur after consuming this product it’s important to seek medical attention immediately as a severe allergic reaction may be occurring. The FDA encourages those that have purchased the recalled soup to return it to the place of purchase or you can go to the manufacturer’s website for reimbursement.

It’s not only food for humans that you need to watch out for, but your pet could be at risk as well. Freshpet recently recalled dog food contaminated with Salmonella at over 100 Walmart and Target stores in 13 states. The bacteria could potentially cause long-term illnesses for your furry family member, with immediate symptoms causing exhaustion, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and even a decreased appetite and stomach pain.

Amber Lake

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