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For many of us, deciding to stop wearing underwear may seem unusual. After all, we are used to putting it under our clothes and some of us don’t even take it off at night. But from time to time going without underwear offers many health benefits that go far beyond your personal comfort.

We’ve done some digging to find out why wearing underwear all the time might not be the best option for your health.

You Don’t Let Your Private Area Breathe

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If you’re someone who likes to wear faux lace underwear, you might want to reconsider this habit. Although synthetic fabrics look more attractive than cotton, they are not breathable and will trap sweat and moisture around your intimate area.

If you don’t take a break from your underwear from time to time, the combination of sweat and moisture can cause skin irritation and even lead to yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

It Might Cause Body Odor

Synthetic fibers trap sweat and bacteria inside clothing, and this combination can lead to unpleasant body odor. To avoid a strong odor down there, try skipping underwear from time to time as it allows sweat to evaporate and minimizes odors.

You May Experience Skin Irritation

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Even if you’re not used to being in charge, losing your panties from time to time can be a good idea if you’re experiencing irritation or friction in your private area.

Underwear that is too tight and made from artificial fabrics can irritate delicate skin and even expose you to injury and infection. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, try to wear loose clothing and skip underwear from time to time.

It Might Make You More Vulnerable To Allergies

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Your favorite pink or purple panties certainly look great, but the artificial dyes they contain can cause irritation, swelling, and rashes.

And if you never stop wearing underwear, being exposed to the chemicals in textile dyes day after day can lead to more serious infections.

How about going without panties? You’ve tried?

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