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Here are the details about High School DxD Season 5 Release Date, Plot and will this be the last season!!

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High School DxD Season 5 Details- Release Date, Plot and will this be the last season!!

High School DXD Season 5 is an anime series. This series is taken from the light novel of the same name. This series is written by Ichiei Ishibumi and it is illustrated by Miyama-Zero. High School DxD is produced by TNK and directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa. It is written by Takao Yoshioka. It premiered on AT-X platform.  The series got good reviews from the critics as well as from the people. It has a good fanbase.

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Release Date of High School DxD Season 5

The directors and the makers of the series have not given any detail about the release date of High School DxD Season 5. But you can expect it in October 2020. The title of the season is also not out yet. There are chances that this season will be the last season in the series. It will contain volumes twenty- two to twenty- five of the novel. As all others have been covered. You can expect The true dragons of the Kuoh Academy as the title of season 5. It came after the death of Issei Hyodo. Issei was murdered on his first date at the Kuoh Academy. There was a time when the school was only for girls but after that, it was made co-ed school. Season 5 is going to be more fun to watch and interesting with great twists. 

The cast of High School DxD Season 5

The cast will not be changed that much. The developer will take most of the cast from season-4. But there is no information about the cast of Season 5 as it is not confirmed by the developers of the series. Here are some of the cast members you will listen:-

  1. Azumi Asakura (Rias Gremory)
  2. Shizuka It (Akeno Himejima)
  3. Ayena Taketatsu (Koneko Toujou)
  4. Kenji Nojima (Yuuto Kiba) and Many others.

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