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Here’s How Much Money Radiation Therapists Make In Every State

Radiation therapists play a pivotal role in the treatment of cancer, by administering radiation treatment to destroy cancerous cells. As a career, radiation therapy has proven to be very popular. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), employment of radiation therapists is projected to increase by 9% over the years 2018 to 2028, which is faster than the average growth for all occupations.

Using occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’ve analyzed and compiled a round-up of the average radiation therapist salary in each state in the U.S. Read on for a full breakdown of where radiation therapists make the most money, and where they’re making the least.

10 States Where Radiation Therapists Earn the Most Money

The national average annual wage of an Radiation therapist is $91,620, according to the BLS, just under $40,000 more than the average wage for all occupations, $51,960. The principal industry that employs radiation therapists is general medical and surgical hospitals, employing 10,600 of them. The top-paying industry for radiation therapists, however, is actually outpatient care centers. The annual mean wage for radiation therapists is $104,160 in outpatient care centers, while the annual mean is $87,920 for radiation therapists working in general medical and surgical hospitals.

Below is a list of the top-10 highest-paying states for radiation therapists:

  1. California average radiation therapist salary: $119,800
  2. New York average radiation therapist salary: $115,150
  3. New Jersey average radiation therapist salary: $106,630
  4. Oregon average radiation therapist salary: $105,810
  5. Washington average radiation therapist salary: $101,630
  6. Rhode Island average radiation therapist salary: $100,720
  7. Connecticut average radiation therapist salary: $100,040
  8. Delaware average radiation therapist salary: $99,350
  9. Hawaii average radiation therapist salary: $98,240
  10. Nevada average radiation therapist salary: $97,780

The best-paying state for radiation therapists is California, a state with a notably high cost of living compared to the U.S. overall. The top-10 best-paying states is a mix of western states and northeastern states. These states also tend to have higher-than-average cost of living and household incomes.

10 States Where Radiation Therapists Earn the Least Money

The bottom-10 states where radiation therapists make the least money are largely located in the U.S. South, with six states; the Midwest, with three states; and the West, with one state, Idaho. Here’s a look at the bottom-10 states for radiation therapist salaries:

  1. Kansas average radiation therapist salary: $72,140
  2. Tennessee average radiation therapist salary: $73,780
  3. West Virginia average radiation therapist salary: $74,030
  4. Arkansas average radiation therapist salary: $75,260
  5. Louisiana average radiation therapist salary: $75,800
  6. Kentucky average radiation therapist salary: $77,180
  7. Missouri average radiation therapist salary: $77,200
  8. North Carolina average radiation therapist salary: $79,160
  9. Wisconsin average radiation therapist salary: $79,850
  10. Idaho average radiation therapist salary: $80,070

It’s important to bear in mind that, even in these low-paying states, radiation therapist salaries are far higher than the average for all occupations, $51,960. What’s somewhat disconcerting is that many of these states are witnessing outright decline in wages over the last five years. For instance, the average radiation therapist salary in Kansas has declined by 3.6%, from $74,850 in 2014 to $72,140 in 2019. In Idaho, average salaries dropped by 4.8%, from $84,070 in 2014 to $80,070 in 2019.

How Much Do Radiation Therapists Make in Each State

Below you’ll find the average annual wage for radiation therapists in all states that had available data from 2014 to 2019. When looking at states by five-year growth in wages, Mississippi ranks No. 1, with radiation therapists going from an average salary of $74,320 in 2014 to $93,370 in 2019, an increase of 25.6%. New York saw comparable growth in radiation therapist salaries, rising 25.2% over five years, from $91,950 in 2014 to $115,150 in 2019.

Source: Forbes – Money

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