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High School DXD Season 5: Release Date, Storyline And Spoilers

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High School DXD Season 5 has been announced we have few important updates regarding this season like its Release Date, Storyline And Spoilers.  High School DXD is one of the best and top-rated ecchi of all time. This show is a perfect blend of cuteness with a hint of ecchi and an amazing storyline. Four seasons of High School DxD has been launched previously.

The fans are anticipating the new Season however there ha been no news for the next one. The creators of the show have the same question why is it taking so long? Since there has been a lack of information about the lag between the fourth season all we can do is expect the new Season will release soon.

What is the Release Date of High School DXD Season 5?

High School DXD Season 5

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According to the recent leaks HighSchool DxD Season 5 was set to launch in Japna; However, passion studios have not confirmed anything like this. The show has obviously been affected but he Global Pandemic COVID-19 but let’s hope this new season will drop soon.

Storyline and Spoilers

The new season will be based on vol – 11 and 12, hence the manga fans will know the story for that. We will see more of issei’s training to become better, moreover, we will see Rias Gremory as Yuma Amano and a wicked spirited young lady. Both of them fall for issei and this is the gist of the storyline of the new season.

We don’t know anything more about the story if you want you can always refer to the mange.

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