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Homeland Security Calls Killing Of Federal Officer In Oakland Domestic Terrorism


The Department of Homeland Security called the shooting that killed a federal security officer and injured another one in Oakland on Saturday an act of domestic terrorism—and while the shooting occurred near ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd, it’s unconfirmed if it is related.


The FBI said Saturday that someone drove a vehicle up to the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building at 9:45 p.m. Friday and fired shots at the contract security officers.

The officers — whose identities were not released — worked for the Federal Protective Service of the Department of Homeland Security.  

The shooting occurred less than a half-mile away from the Oakland police headquarters, where protesters gathered to demonstrate in response to the death of George Floyd, though it’s not clear whether the shooter had anything to do with the protests. 

“When someone targets a police officer or a police station with an intention to do harm and intimidate — that is an act of domestic terrorism,” DHS Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said Saturday.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) denounced the shooting in a statement Saturday, saying there’s “never an excuse to shoot and kill a security guard” and “We have to know right from wrong and not use the terrible tragedy in Minneapolis to perpetrate more violence.”

Oakland police and the FBI in San Francisco are investigating the shooting, but a suspect has not yet been named. 

Key background

Protests in Oakland began peacefully but turned violent later in the night, police indicated. Demonstrators smashed windows, vandalized stores, and clashed with officers as the night progressed. Protesters successfully blocked a highway and set fires. 

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Source: Forbes Business

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