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How New Microsoft Outlook Updates Make People Leave Gmail

Many people love Gmail for its convenience and functionality. The integration of all Internet-related features has once inspired many people to create Google account and migrate from other services. However, constant competition between Gmail and Outlook allows users to enjoy the most advanced features provided by the services. After the recent release of new updates, Microsoft Outlook not only added in quality but also made many people think about the migration from Gmail. Read the details below.

Useful Updates – Impressive Results

Microsoft has developed additional Outlook tools for effective planning of working hours, which will help you maintain a balance between work and personal life. If you still hesitate if it is worth using Outlook free software on to arrange your migration, just read these impressive statistics from Microsoft over the past few months:

  • The number of appointments scheduled using Microsoft 365 services has grown by 30%;
  • The number of video calls has increased by 1,000%;
  • The number of messages between 6 p.m. and midnight has increased by 52%.
Microsoft Outlook

Seven Improvements of MS Outlook

If you are impressed by the results, we recommend you to check the list of recent updates to know what exactly has activated so many users.

  1. Easy Search

A quick search of meeting content is now available in the Android app. The information about the meeting will be automatically accompanied by messages from the mailbox and files that may be relevant to it. A quick search for the materials that you need to run the meeting will help you spend less time preparing for it.

  • Meeting Request Management

Now, you will see more information about the meeting in your inbox, such as a list of invitees and those who confirmed their attendance. Besides, it will be possible to invite additional participants if the meeting organizer forgot to add someone.

  • Connection to Online Meetings on Other Platforms

Microsoft Outlook has already a seamless integration with Teams, but some people get invitations to online meetings using other services. For the convenience of users, a one-touch option has been added to connect to online meetings on other platforms from the mobile version of Outlook.

  • Display of Personal and Work Calendar in One Window

Personal calendar in Outlook will now be displayed in the same window as those for work so that the user can schedule work appointments based on the personal schedule.

  • One-click Schedule Sharing Option

This feature will allow users to send their schedules in one click to organize the meeting.

  • Planning the Email Delivery

To help people avoid being “always online,” there is an ability to schedule email messages delivery. Users can also postpone reading the message.

  • Adding Breaks to the Meeting Schedule

You can now set up the ability to end meetings 5-10 minutes earlier to take short breaks.

Microsoft Outlook

There are more than only seven functions added by the developers. Take your time to check them yourself. 

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