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I Grew Up In India So I Decided To Illustrate What Childhood Was Like There (28 Pics)

As a kid, I had always hated doing household chores. Like my family members said, the reluctance was transparent: on my face, in my body language, and by the response time. However, like the silver lining of a cloud, there was one thing I thoroughly enjoyed—lighting up a desi stove or ‘chulha’ (‘unoon’ in Bengali). I did this with a lot of willingness in my heart. The ‘chulha’ especially came in handy during the winter days, when hot water was used for bathing in large quantities. I just loved the different phases. First came the preparation phase: ransacking the storeroom to locate the stove, bringing it out in the open, getting rid of cobwebs (if not regularly used). Then, gathering the items (cow dung cakes, dry wood/sticks, a bunch of newspapers, a little bit of kerosene oil, matchbox, and, of course, a hand fan). A metallic rod or a decent length of wood was also required to stoke the fire once in a while. Then came the decoration phase: placing layers of dung cakes in the top chamber (not too densely packed, mind you), and pieces of wood and twisted paper below. And finally came the ignition phase. The trick was to keep the air flowing, using a hand fan. After the first smoke (which I loved, but my eyes did not), when the dung cakes turned glowing-red, it was time to place the aluminum utensil on top.

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