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IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, News And Notes On September 22, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling featured more of Eric Young terrorizing the IMPACT roster in addition to a star-studded #Heath4IMPACT campaign ad featuring David Hasselhoff, Flavor Flav, Nancy Kerrigan and Chuck Norris.

IMPACT Wrestling’s main event saw Tenille Dashwood defeat Jordynne Grace in her return to the IMPACT Zone.

IMPACT Wrestling Ratings on AXS

  • July 21, 2020—163,000 viewers
  • July 14, 2020—156,000 viewers
  • July 7, 2020—135,000 viewers
  • September Viewership Unavailable

IMPACT Wrestling—Key Competition

  • MLB Regular Season Slate
  • NBA Playoff Season Slate

Pro Wrestling Bits—AEW’s FTW Title Should Be A Monster’s Championship

IMPACT Wrestling Total YouTube Viewership on September 15, 2020—325,118

  • Most-Viewed: Knockouts Combat Plus Su Yung Returning? (95,753 views) 
  • Least-Viewed: XXL Makes a Statement Against The Deaners (22,654 views)
  • Median Viewership: 37,755

IMPACT Wrestling Results—Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Trey Miguel def. TJP and Chris Bey; Rohit Raju def. Trey Miguel

Rohit Raju was at an extreme advantage getting to face the winner of this match, because I got tired just watching them fly around the ring for 10 minutes.

Rohit Raju was only taking advantage of the situation presented to him, these topC contenders should have at least negotiated the match take place at the top of the hour.

Susie def. Kimber Lee

It might be splitting hairs but the Susie character is so superior to Su Yung.

There are a lot of alliances developing across the IMPACT Knockouts division, which is the opposite of the breakup trend across all of pro wrestling. Madison Rayne hilariously compared it to The Hunger Games.

The wider Kylie Rae smiles, the more completely unhinged she seems.

#Heath4IMPACT Promo Spot

Heath is campaigning harder to be hired by IMPACT Wrestling than a lot of politicians are campaigning for office in 2020. He literally had Flavor Flav, David Hasselhoff, Nancy Kerrigan and Chuck Norris giving testimonials. Incredible. For a second, I thought Drew McIntyre was going to give one of the testimonials.

Eric Young Destroys The Deaners

It’s like IMPACT Wrestling creative sits down in a room and asks “who should Eric Young piss off this week?”

Eric Young is literally being booked as a monster better than Dabba-Kato. He took out a quality IMPACT tag team by his freaking self.

Scott D’Amore has sat idly by while Heath Slater’s truck was repo’d and now he’s supposed to be a sympathetic figure?

RVD def. Sami Callihan

If RVD won this match, Katie Forbes will get five minutes with Sami Callihan, which is a direct contrast to a babyface getting five minutes with the manager.

This feud seems to be trending toward a match where Katie Forbes is suspended from a cage, where she would be twerking the entire time.

Rob Van Dam should not be doing Rolling Thunders on the floor in 2020.

Katie Forbes took such a wicked piledriver.

Tenille Dashwood def. Jordynne Grace

Tenille Dashwood’s new packaging feels eerily similar to what her Emmalina character was supposed to be, but it’s clicking much better here, particularly the Kaleb “with a K” gimmick.

Anybody with a “brand” is a heel. Will there ever be a such thing as a babyface influencer in pro wrestling?

This match was such great promo for Tenille Dashwood’s social media accounts. Hopefully she has sponsorships lined up and thankfully she doesn’t work for WWE anymore.

Tenille Dashwood barely avoided landing on top of her head while taking the Grace Driver. Thankfully, she was safe, but the main event really leveled up from there on.


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