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Lindsey Graham Says Source Of Opponent’s Record-Breaking Fundraising Should Be Investigated


At risk of losing his seat in the Senate amid a shockingly competitive race in South Carolina, Lindsey Graham (R) suggested without evidence that the record-breaking influx of donations to his opponent may be coming from sketchy sources.

Key Facts

“Some of these shadowy figures running ads, is there any foreign influence afoot?” Graham mulled to The Hill in an interview published Wednesday.

Graham specifically took aim at fundraising platform ActBlue, which was founded in 2004 to channel small-dollar donations to Democratic candidates and groups, recently directing millions to Democratic Senate challengers across the country who are notably out-raising Republican incumbents. 

Congress knows very little about where this money is coming from, Graham said, backing up his point with the false claim that ActBlue does not report contributions under $200 to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). 

ActBlue reports every contribution, including those under $200, and every federal donation can be verified on the FEC’s website.

While Harrison’s fundraising report filed with the FEC does not include the names and addresses of individual donors, the names, hometowns and employers of donors—for contributions over $10—will be disclosed in ActBlue’s October monthly report. 

Big Number 

$1.5 billion. That’s how much people donated to Democratic candidates and groups in the third quarter of 2020 through ActBlue. 

Surprising Fact 

Republicans have their own grassroots fundraising platform, WinRed, a near carbon copy of ActBlue launched in 2019. 

Key Background 

Graham’s opponent, Jaime Harrison, raised $57 million, more than any other Senate candidate in U.S. history, during the third quarter of this year. Graham, meanwhile, pulled in $28 million. Though history shows out-raising an opponent doesn’t guarantee a win, Graham has appeared to grow increasingly nervous about his prospects—going on Fox News to ask for money and even talking about the Senate race during last week’s confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Polls indicate that it will be down to the wire.

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Source: Forbes – Business

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