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Lucifer Season 5 Release Date and Spoiler about the upcoming season!!

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Lucifer Season 5 Updates: The makers of Lucifer are gearing up to release its fifth season later this year. Though any release date is not yet confirmed by Netflix.

But makers have been teasing the fifth season from a long time. Every time the crew of Lucifer teases or spoil anything it always seems like that the show is going to release soon. But as of now, any release date is not announced.

What we know so far about Lucifer?

We know how this series was initially cancelled by Fox. But somehow Netflix picked up Lucifer and since then it gained massive popularity among the audience.

Now, since the brilliant finale of the fourth season was aired, fans or we say ‘Lucifans’ are wondering when will they release its fifth season.

Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the whole world. Due to that the productions of several TV shows and Movies has been delayed. Sadly, Lucifer also suffered a delay in its production.

But the good news is that most of the work on the filming of season 5 was already done before the pandemic. So, the first group of episodes from the fifth season is going to release soon.

The Recent Teaser 

Lucifer Season 5

To raise the hype among the Lucifans, makers and cast members are teasing and spoiling some facts of season 5, mainly on Social Media.

Recently, a new spoiler from the showrunner himself came into light. One fan requested something from Ildly Modorich, who is the showrunner of Lucifer. That Lucifan tweeted that “Ildy, could you PLEAAASE describe any Deckerstar scene from s5 in 3 emojis?”

What was the reply from Ildly?

Ildy did replied to this kind request by tweeting a key, a fist and a kissing emoji. Now, since then the comment section of these tweets are banging up with speculations and assumptions from other Lucifans.

Everybody is trying best to figure out those three emojis. You can check out that tweet here.

Well, it was not the first they teased the fifth season. Earlier Ildy tweeted that “I hope I don’t get in trouble saying… the premiere date is coming SOON!!! Like… soon soon.”

Well, till now any date is not released by Netflix. But most likely, now the wait is not much longer now. We will get to watch another season of Lucifer with more action and more twits very soon. Stay connected with Honknews for more updates.

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