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Mayor Lightfoot, CPD Superintendent Brown To Discuss What ‘Didn’t Work’ To Curb Weekend Violence

CHICAGO (CBS)  — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called this weekend’s violence a bloodbath.

Late Tuesday afternoon, she called for a meeting with Chicago’s new police superintendent to talk about the plan and what went wrong.

CBS 2’s Chris Ty has more.

Ten people were killed over the three-day weekend in the city. The mayor with a brutal report card for her brand new, hand-picked CPD boss. This after the bloodiest Memorial Day weekend in Chicago in five years.

“This was a fail, and whatever the strategy is, it didn’t work,” Lightfoot said.

CBS 2 uncovered every one of the 49 shooting locations in the city between Friday night and end of day Monday and the locations where ten people died as a result.

The deadliest 24 hours? Saturday which recorded half of all homicides.

“Saturday was not a good day,” Lightfoot said.

CPD, which often touts 1,000 front line officers on Memorial Day weekend changed its approach.

“We did not utilize the normal 1,000 additional officers. We had several hundred,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown.

But Mayor Lightfoot said there was no reduction.

“The notion we had fewer people on the street is just not true,” Lightfoot contended.

The two were to meet later Tuesday to discuss strategy.

For perspective, New York has three times the people of Chicago. It had 10 shootings and five homicides this weekend. Los Angeles saw three shootings and one homicide. Chicago had 49 shootings and 10 homicides.

The mayor said COVID-19 has clogged the jails and the court system allowing offenders to get out in 24 hours.

CBS 2 took a look back. Chicago hasn’t seen homicide numbers like this on Memorial Day since 2015 when 12 people were killed. A big challenge for a new top cop is promising improvement.

“Yes, we need to do better and we will do better,” said Brown.

The mayor said this is the most difficult time in decades to police Chicago. Early on in the stay-at-home order, Chicago saw its violent crime numbers dip. They have slowly crept up to this surge point this weekend.

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Source: CBS Chicago

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