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NCIS Got Cancelled: Why NCIS Season 17 in not on Netflix?

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NCIS has now returned for its NCIS Season 17 just the last year but now because of the worldwide corona-virus pandemic, the season of the show was cut short.

This means that the remaining few episodes which were planned for the very end of the CBS drama were not at all filmed in time. 

However, the creators of the show have revealed to their fans that these episodes will go ahead as they were planned, instead of being aired as part of series 18 which has already been made confirmed by the network.

The fans of the show were left in shock at the finale of their 16th season as Agent Ziva David who was presumed as dead from a mortar attack, now has returned to give Agent Gibbs the last warning. 

She then returned for the 17th season, she was seen helping Gibbs to figure out who was the one to get him.

NCIS Season 17

NCIS Season 17

Now following the revelations, it was Gibbs’ neighbor Sarah who had been the terrorist all this time, named as Sahar. 

Now it was the right time for Ziva to leave. She then headed off to Paris so she could be reunited with her husband Tony Dinozzo and their daughter named Tali.

Why The NCIS Season 17 Not On Netflix?

CBS has signed a good deal with Netflix US back in the year 2011, allowing the service to stream some new seasons of NCIS. 

Then a few years later this contract got expired in 2013 but then again it was renewed so the crime drama’s latest episodes were made available to watch for the fans of the show.

Again the contract has expired and neither the 16th season which originally started in the year 2018 or the 17th season are now available to watch on the platform.

The very latest series of the show can be watched by the viewers on Netflix in the 15th season.

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