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New DVD Releases 2020: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows

If, however, you’re not so much looking for new films to own as you want to pick up some of your favorite older films in bright, shiny modern formats, there are a few different options there. The John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink is hitting Blu-ray for the first time in June. You can also pick up a new 4K edition of Jaws celebrating the film’s 45th anniversary. And if you really love seeing classic movies in new ways, there’s the Columbia Classics Collection, which includes a wide range of films from the history of the studio, starting with Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and going to Jerry Maguire. All of the films are hitting 4K UHD, and if this is the only way to see Lawrence of Arabia in glorious 4K, it might be worth it to get the whole set.

Source: CinemaBlend Latest Content

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