2 women accused of ‘trick rolling’ man at Las Vegas resort
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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two women are accused of “trick rolling” a man at a Las Vegas Strip resort while he was drunk, according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan police arrest report.

A trick roll is a common terminology among sex workers to describe stealing from someone who has sex with a prostitute, according to police. Coriana Singelton, 29, and Marriah Vanderwaal, 32, face grand larceny and burglary charges following their arrests.

The incident occurred Thursday at Caesars Palace, where the victim told police he had been staying for a convention. The report indicated that he and a few co-workers had been playing blackjack at a gaming table for several hours. After winning approximately $125,000 at the table, the victim met two women, police documents said. The report said the victim told police he did not remember inviting them to his hotel room.

The victim told police he woke up a few hours later and discovered that his money and his Rolex watch was gone, according to the police report. He also told police he was extremely intoxicated and did not recall much after meeting the two women, according to documents.

Through video surveillance, investigators were able to identify the women entering the man’s room and then exiting the hotel, according to the report. They were also able to track down two vehicles and two Las Vegas homes in connection to the women, according to police.

The report stated that Singelton and Vanderwaal are accused of stealing $120,000 in cash along with a Rolex watch valued at $20,000.

According to police, Singleton had previously been arrested in several other cases by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Investigators were able to match previous arrest photos of the women and tattoos seen in the video surveillance, the report stated. Both women were arrested and taken to the Clark County Detention Center.

According to police, Singleton faces several charges, including grand larceny, burglary, and conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

Vanderwaal also faces several charges, including grand larceny, residential burglary, and conspiracy of grand larceny, police said.

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