3,000 migrants dropped off in Arizona as street releases increase
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() — Border agents in the Arizona sector are facing overwhelming challenges due to a significant surge of migrants illegally crossing into the U.S.

These agents report that migrants from various parts of the world are being smuggled by cartels in Tijuana, causing Border Patrol holding facilities to exceed their capacity.

As a result, their solution is to release hundreds of migrants into the streets of communities.

This street release situation has been occurring in San Diego County for the past six consecutive days, with more than 3,000 migrants being dropped off at four different transit centers throughout the city. The majority of these migrants are men who have undergone processing and now have future court dates.

Local and county officials have expressed concerns, emphasizing that they’re worried about migrants not undergoing proper vetting procedures before being released into the community.

Officials are extremely frustrated with the situation for a couple of reasons. First, they point out that they are not receiving proper communication from the federal government regarding the timing of these migrant street releases.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond told that Border Patrol informs them about an hour or two before actually conducting these street releases, leaving the migrants with no clear destination or plan.

“We’re dropping off people around the world… that they need,” Desmond said.

“There is really no room in the social structure for a new variant like this … they’re asking for help,” said El Cajon, California Mayor Bill Wells.

The stress of their system is evident, with officials reporting that when released on Sunday, at least six of them required medical attention, further straining the city’s resources.

As a response to these challenges, both Desomond and Wells are urging the Border Patrol and federal government to provide funding and assistance.

ditionally, sources have informed that there may be more migrant street releases happening in the area on Tuesday.

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