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Julianne Hough has faced accusations from the tabloids in recent months that she’s gone “overboard” on plastic surgery, but this isn’t the first time in the last year that Hough has faced similar accusations. Last year, a selfie Hough posted to Instagram unleashed rumors that the Dancing With The Stars professional dancer had work done on her face. We’re taking a look back at those rumors and looking at some photos of Hough to see if there’s any truth to them. 

Truth Behind Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery Rumors

Almost exactly one year ago two major tabloids, OK! and Star, published reports claiming that Julianne Hough had gone “overboard” on plastic surgery, specifically lip fillers, and that friends and family were beginning to become concerned. The report from OK! quoted alleged “insiders” who insisted, “It looks like Julianne had fillers injected in both lips, but she clearly got carried away.” 

They went on to add, “She was such a pretty girl already and her lips looked fine to her friends and family.” This report came shortly after Hough and her then-husband Brooks Laich filed for divorce following a brief attempt at reconciliation. Now that she was single, the source continued, “she’s obviously having fun experimenting and trying things out. Still, to many of her loved ones, it feels like she’s gone totally overboard to the point where she’s almost unrecognizable.” 

In conclusion, the clueless snitch exclaimed, “No one can understand why she did it!” According to that somewhat dim bulb, Hough was barely recognizable thanks to her “hair extensions, spray tan and fuller lips.” We’ve seen the photo in question and if you have a hard time recognizing Hough, you might have worse problems on your hand. 

Even More Plastic Surgery Headlines About Hough

Star went with much the same coverage, though that publication took its baseless accusations one step further by insisting Hough had “totally gone Hollywood” because of the aforementioned spray tan and hair extensions. This tabloid also spoke with a cosmetic surgeon based in Michigan, of all places, who the outlet sheepishly admits had never treated Hough. Regardless of the fact that this so-called doctor likely never even met Hough, he gave his opinion, confirming that Hough’s lips “look much larger,” though he added, “It’s possible the swelling will settle down in time.”

Now that we’ve seen the coverage about Julianne Hough’s apparent plastic surgery, let’s take a look at the photo that sparked the debate. If you ask us, the slight difference in the size of Hough’s lips is likely the result of a pout rather than plastic surgery or lip fillers, but you can form your own opinion.

The Photo That Started The Rumor

While this photo is from over a year ago, more recent images of the dancer show that her looks have hardly changed. Here’s a video Hough posted of her pre-makeup/hair look and the after look. 

Just for fun, here’s a video Hough posted in March 2020, just to compare how her face looked a year before the picture in question. 

If Hough has had work done, it’s very subtle and doesn’t make her “unrecognizable” like some of the less scrupulous tabloids like to claim. It’s Hough’s business if she has, and if she’d like to share that information with the public it’s up to her. Either way, we think she looks gorgeous.

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