Tonto Wigo Charity Dikeh is a Nigerian actress, singer, and movie producer popularly known as Tonto Dikeh and self-named King Tonto.1
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Olakunle Churchill, the ex-husband of famous Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh, has threatened to sue her for what he says are false statements about him.

This comes after Tonto Dikeh said on her Instagram account a few days ago that Churchill was not caring for their child.

Since then, the two have been fighting on social media for a few days, with both sides posting proof against the other on their pages.

But, in a recent turn of events, the actress’s ex-husband criticized her for saying he was a fraudster, a thief, a blackmailer, and an irresponsible father.

He said that Tonto Dikeh told lies about his wife, Roseline Meurer, saying that she took him away from her.

The actress’s ex-husband didn’t like the bad things that were said about him, so he asked Tonto Dikeh to apologize for everything she said on her Instagram account.

In a letter sent through his lawyer, he told the actress that if she didn’t apologize on Instagram within 24 hours of getting the letter, he would sue her.

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