Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was recorded Sunday not wearing a mask while enjoying the warm Florida sun at a packed Miami bar.

The footage surfaced on social media just days after Ocasio-Cortez was first spotted in the Sunshine State. Her Florida vacation generated controversy because while she is soaking up rays in the freedom of Florida, her constituents in New York City are battling COVID-19 restrictions amid a sharp increase in infections, attributed to the Omicron variant.

What does the video show?

According to Florida reporter Brendon Leslie, Ocasio-Cortez was spotted without a mask while at a drag bar in Miami.

“AOC is STILL lounging it up in Florida, in large crowds and maskless. This time at a Drag Queen bar in Miami. Rules for thee but not for me,” Leslie reported.

“For those of you with zero sense of humor: the whole point of this post is to expose hypocrisy,” Leslie explained. “We don’t actually care she’s maskless. We care she fear mongers about Florida but then has the audacity to vacation here.”

The Daily Mail also published pictures of Ocasio-Cortez taking pictures with patrons at the bar, meaning she was not social distancing. The patrons with whom she congregated were also not wearing face masks.

Despite being maskless and not social distancing, Ocasio-Cortez has positioned herself throughout the pandemic as someone who supports mandates and COVID-related restrictions.

Anything else?

After receiving criticism for her Florida trip last week, Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at her Republican critics, accusing them of being “mad they can’t date me” and claiming they have “deranged sexual frustrations.”

In posting the video of Ocasio-Cortez at the bar, Leslie made reference to the strange accusations and clarified that he, in fact, was not posting the video because he wants to date Ocasio-Cortez.

“PS: @AOC I’m posting this because you’re a lying hypocrite and NOT because I want to sleep with you,” Leslie said.

Source: TheBlaze

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