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You had a heartbreaking and unexpected end to your last relationship, which led Dr. Pepper Schwartz to wonder whether you had your walls up. In retrospect, do you think this was true as you entered your marriage to Chris?

At this point in my life, I am over my last heartbreak and how it ended, and I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life. I think no matter what happens in your life, everyone has some sort of walls up, no one wants to get hurt, especially when that has happened before. I am proceeding with caution.

You had a reasonable wish list for qualities you wanted in a partner — someone kind and compassionate, and who loves animals. But first and foremost you wanted “cute” — is physical attraction such a big dealbreaker? And has that changed at all?

I did make it clear that physical attraction is important to me. Especially when you’re marrying a stranger who you know nothing about. I want that initial attraction to be clear. My thoughts on physical attraction haven’t changed, and anyone who says that isn’t important is most likely not being honest.

You opened up about having a huge heart and being vulnerable to hurt, as a result. With this in mind, were your friends and family worried at all that marrying a stranger could leave you hurt, again?

I think whenever you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position, your loved ones will always worry about you. I definitely heard my friends and family say they didn’t want me to get hurt again, many times. 

Unfortunately, since I haven’t found my person yet, I have to continue to take that chance in order to find the person I’m supposed to be with. Honestly, I’m not sure if I can take another heartbreak again after the last one. But, I’m willing to do anything to find my person, which is what led me to marrying a stranger.

Source: Nicki Swift

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