Amtrak train derails after striking dump truck in Missouri; injuries reported
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An Amtrak train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed Monday after striking a dump truck at a public crossing in Missouri, Amtrak said. Amtrak said it had received “early reports” of injuries, though it’s not clear how many people were hurt. 

Amtrak said the train, which was carrying approximately 243 people, hit a truck in Mendon, Missouri — about two hours northeast of Kansas City — at approximately 1:42 p.m. local time, causing “several” cars to derail. The service said local authorities are working to assist passengers. 

Photos appear to show passengers on the outside of an overturned Amtrak car. 

Rob Nightingale

Amtrak did not provide any additional information about the crash or the condition of the train and its passengers. But photographs appeared to show multiple cars turned on their side with passengers sitting on top, and a video appeared to show passengers comforting each other from the inside of an overturned train car. 

Congressman Sam Graves, who represents Mendon, said he’s “closely monitoring” the derailment.

This is a developing news story. Check back for more updates.  

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