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Is Angelina Jolie‘s shrinking physique worrying her fans? One tabloid claims Jolie looked “rail-thin” during a recent outing. Here’s what we know about Jolie’s latest “health scare.”

Doctors Fearing For ‘Skin-And-Bones’ Jolie?

This week, the Globe is sounding alarms over Angelina Jolie’s health. The Eternals actress recently stepped out for a bit of shopping with her daughters, and onlookers noticed that her exposed feet were looking veiny and frail. “She’s been walking around barefoot or in shoes with little to no support, and now veins and painful bunions are a problem,” an insider notes. “Her feet look swollen and gross. Many are blaming poor diet and the fear is it’s causing chronic conditions like osteoporosis and maybe even diabetes.”

Apparently, it’s Jolie’s ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt that has robbed her of her appetite, and now her body is suffering. A doctor who hasn’t treated Jolie adds that malnourishment can shed an important layer of fat that pads and protects your feet. “Her biggest concern is broken foot bones from the slightest trauma,” the expert warns.

Is Angelina Jolie’s Weight Causing Problems?

We are not buying this story for a moment. First of all, we’re sure this alleged “insider” isn’t really close to Angelina Jolie or her family at all. Considering how this anonymous tipster’s only source of information was the paparazzi photos, we were immediately skeptical. Not to mention, the alleged source outright called Jolie “gross,” proving they were no friend of the actress.

Besides, in the images that the tabloid uses, Jolie is clearly under some harsh lighting. It isn’t just her feet that are drained of color, but rather all of her skin looks shockingly pale. Yet, in other images of Jolie from the very same outing with more natural lighting reveal that she looks just fine.

And that leads us to our next point: We really aren’t able to discern anything about Jolie’s health from the images provided, and neither can the outlet’s “expert.” You absolutely cannot diagnose anything through paparazzi photos. Any doctor who would attempt to do so should not be trusted. Overall, it seems clear that the magazine just wanted to insult Jolie’s appearance as it has done so many times in the past.

Where Have We Heard This Before?

While we’ve never read a report so hyper-focused on Jolie’s feet, this certainly isn’t the only time the Globe has sounded alarms over the actress’ health. Last year, the outlet alleged Jolie was “starving herself” to get Brad Pitt’s attention. Then the magazine reported Jolie’s children were staging an intervention over her health.

But when the magazine isn’t droning on about how Jolie is too skinny, it’s attacking her character. Back in December, the publication alleged Jolie was bitter that Salma Hayek was more popular than her. Then in January, the outlet reported Jolie was “vengefully” blowing all of Brad Pitt’s money on “shopping sprees.” Clearly, the Globe has it out for Angelina Jolie.

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