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Is Anthony Anderson taking out his frustrations over his divorce battle on his co-workers? One tabloid claims Anderson has been quick to anger ever since his wife served him with divorce papers. Let’s check in on the Law & Order star.

Anthony Anderson Raging On ‘Law & Order’ Set?

The latest edition of the Globe reports Anthony Anderson’s separation from Alvina Stewart is turning him into a “monster” at work. Sources say Anderson is usually an easygoing guy, but after being “blindsided” by divorce papers, Anderson has been too stressed to play nice. “Things have been very rocky between them for months and unfortunately he brought the baggage to work,” an insider dishes.

“He’s got a reputation for being a cool guy to work with but that has not been the case since he started shooting the Law & Order reboot earlier this year. There’s been a cloud over him—he’s just not a happy camper. It’s made life very uncomfortable for everyone on set.” Apparently, Anderson has been throwing tantrums if things don’t go his way on set. And when all is calm, he’s reportedly ignoring his cast-mates and refusing to make conversation.

“No one has complained about his work—he’s doing a great job, but people are sick of his grumpy attitude and tantrums when the cameras stop rolling,” the tipster confides. “Anthony’s just not happy, and people around him think it’s a shame.”

Anthony Anderson Becoming A ‘Monster’ On Set?

While divorce is a stressful thing and it’s totally possible that it’s affecting Anderson’s day-to-day personality, we’re definitely side-eyeing this story. First of all, aside from this anonymous insider’s dubious testimony, we don’t have any evidence to suggest Anderson is being a pain on the Law & Order set. Furthermore, Anderson’s recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show definitely paints a different picture.

In a super light-hearted interview, Anderson talked about how he couldn’t help but cry at the end of his sit-com Black-ish. “In the last scene on the last day is when I lost it, and it was unexpected for me. I didn’t expect to lose it the way that I did, but that just goes to show how much I love what I do [and] love doing it with the people that I did it with for the last eight years,” Anderson explained.

From what we can tell, Anderson usually makes strong bonds with those he works with. Besides, it seems like his and Stewart’s divorce was a long time coming. Stewart originally filed for divorce in 2015, but later rescinded the petition in 2017. So, we wouldn’t immediately think Stewart “blindsided” Anderson with her decision. While anything is possible, it doesn’t seem likely that Anderson is taking out his frustrations on his co-workers.

Other Divorce Stories From The Tabloid

While the Globe clearly isn’t the most reliable when it comes to current celebrity divorce battles, it also has a reputation for falsely predicting them. Last year, the outlet reported Amal Clooney gave George a “$570 million” divorce ultimatum. Then the publication alleged Bill Cosby and his wife were headed for a $400 million divorce. And more recently, the magazine claimed Will and Jada Smith were in store for their own expensive divorce. Clearly, the Globe doesn’t have the inside scoop on celebrity separations.

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