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Is Anthony Anderson worried his impending divorce will jeopardize his $25 million fortune? One tabloid claims that the actor’s estranged wife is going after his wallet. Let’s check in on the black-ish star.

Anthony Anderson Losing Half Of His Fortune?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Anthony Anderson better hold on tight to his wallet, because his estranged wife, Alvina Stewart, is sure to bleed him dry during their upcoming divorce battle. “They’ve been together forever and she’s demanding half of everything he’s earned,” an insider dishes. “There’s a lot of bad blood between them right now. She’s acting like a woman scorned and trying to make him pay and pay, and he’s pushing back hard.”

Anderson and Stewart have been together since they were in high school, so their separation has surely been life-altering. “It’s getting ugly outside of court, too, with them both trying to force friends to pick sides,” the snitch whispers. And sources say the whole ordeal has really gotten Anderson down in the dumps. “He’s not the same jovial guy, and people can tell what’s going on in his personal life is affecting his moods,” the tipster confides. “It’s probably going to get worse because there’s a ton of money involved.”

Anderson Divorce Getting Contentious?

What exactly is the story here? Just about everything the magazine notes about Anderson’s split is pretty typical for any divorce. We don’t need an anonymous insider to tell us that Anderson is stressed; divorce is a stressful thing. Since Anderson and Stewart didn’t have a prenup, she will likely go after her half of the pie. Nothing this insider says is specific to Anderson; it could be said about any other wealthy couple navigating divorce.

As for how Anderson is handling the divorce, he seems to be keeping it together. While it wouldn’t surprise us to hear that this separation has stressed Anderson out, he looked just fine during a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He even told a hilarious story about how he recently carpooled out of Best Buy with two total strangers. So, we aren’t quite believing that Anderson’s divorce is ruining his “jovial” personality.

The Magazine On Other Famous Divorces

The National Enquirer isn’t our first choice when looking for genuine updates on high-profile divorces. Last year, the outlet claimed Kaley Cuoco was reuniting with Johnny Galecki right after filing for divorce from her husband. Then the magazine reported Kim Kardashian was trying get Kanye West psychological care. And finally, the publication alleged Kelly Clarkson was burning money just so her ex-husband couldn’t get to it. We’re automatically skeptical of anything the Enquirer writes about celebrities’ divorces now.

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