Anti-Racist Org Tsar Funded by Sadiq Khan 'Denied' Communist Genocide
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An anti-racist organisation given taxpayer funding by Sadiq Khan’s London government is under investigation after one of its directors reportedly denied the communist genocide of Uyghurs in China.

The Monitoring Group, an anti-racist organisation which has been given taxpayer money by London’s leftist mayor Sadiq Khan, is now under investigation after one of its directors denied the ongoing genocide of Uyghurs in Communist China.

Peng Hua, the director at the centre of the scandal, has since reportedly resigned her position alongside Bobby Chan, who was meanwhile reportedly pictured calling attendees of a concert held by a pro-Hong Kong democracy singer “cockroaches” while waving the red flag of the CCP.

According to a report by The Telegraph, Hua published an article that it describes as appearing “to question the truth of Beijing’s repression of the Uhghur minority, as well as endorsing the human rights crackdown in Hong Kong”.

This has reportedly led to the organisation — which has also reportedly received funding from an organisation linked with billionaire George Soros — being put under formal investigation.

“The concerns raised about The Monitoring Group are serious and we have made clear the need for action to [the Community Alliance To Combat Hate],” said a spokesman for the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime.

“The Monitoring Group have responded to the issues raised and two of their trustees have now left the organisation,” they continued. “We are awaiting the full findings of the [the Community Alliance To Combat Hate] investigation into The Monitoring Group activities — including its senior representatives.”

While at least one pro-Hong Kong activist has expressed relief that both Hua and Chan have left their senior positions within the anti-racist organisation, this alleged incident would only be the latest in a number of instances where the Chinese Communist Party used anti-Racism to push their agenda.

For example, an anti-hate crime forum held by London’s Metropolitan Police supposedly aimed at protecting those of Asian descent was found to be linked to an alleged CCP spy thought to be working in Westminster.

Pek-san Tan, who headed up the force’s Anti-Hate Crime ESEA (East and Southeast Asian) Forum, was found by a report to allegedly be an associate of possible Beijing spy Christine Lee, allegedly using her position to brand criticism of the Chinese Communist Party as racist.

The CCP is also allegedly weaponising so-called #StopAsianHate rallies in the UK and beyond to delegitimise Uyghur and Hong King activists campaigning against the authoritarian government, with one rally devolving into a street brawl last year after pro and anti-democracy protesters confronted each other in London’s Chinatown.

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