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WE Ready rapper Archie Eversole has died and his brother is seen in a mugshot after allegedly being charged with his murder.

DeKalb County police officials in Georgia say that Arthur Eversole, better known as Archie Eversole, was shot by his brother, Alexander Kraus, on March 25 and taken to a hospital where he later died from his injuries, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta reported.

It was on announced on April 13 that the Atlanta-based artist passed away at the age of 37, but the local outlet reported he died on April 3.

Eversole’s nephew, Jordan Hughley, confirmed the tragic news to The Sun, saying, “He was a great and loving man. He was really genuine and loved everyone.”

Kraus was arrested after the shooting and charged with aggravated assault. His charges were then upgraded to murder after Eversole died.

After Eversole’s death was revealed, fans took to Twitter to remember the musician’s legacy.

“Sports team fans around the world will sing your anthem for years to come, but it will forever mean something extra special to #ATLUTD fans,” wrote one person in relation to his Atlanta United-themed song.

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Investigators said Archie Eversole was shot by his brother


Investigators said Archie Eversole was shot by his brotherCredit: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office
  • Who are Eversole’s parents?

    Eversole’s parents were not rappers; however, both of them were in the US military — his father in the navy and his mother in the army — and both of them were stationed in Germany, according to AllMusic.com.

    When Eversole’s parents returned to the United States, he was reared in Atlanta’s College Park neighborhood.

    Eversole has been cited as claiming that he and his parents have never gotten along.

    He did, however, appear to get along with his brothers, who were the ones who inspired him to start rapping.

  • What was Eversole’s rapping style?

    Eversole’s rhyming style is uniquely Southern, according to AllMusic.com.

    His lyrics also owe a creative debt to Tupac Shakur and West Coast gangsta rappers like Dr Dre, N.W.A., and Above the Law.

  • Who called in the shooting?

    According to WSBTV, the police responded to a call from a gas station on Snapfinger Woods Drive.

  • Where was Eversole located when he was shot?

    According to Dekalb County, Georgia, Eversole was shot on March 25 on Golf Vista Circle, WSBTV reports.

    From there, he was taken to a hospital where he died from complications of his injuries on April 3.

  • Are there details on Alexander Kraus’ case?

    According to AllHipHop.com, there are no details regarding Kraus’ case following the death of his brother Archie Eversole.

  • Who is Alexander Kraus?

    Eversole’s brother, Alexander Kraus, was identified by detectives as the triggerman who allegedly shot Eversole.

    Kraus was first arrested on an aggravated assault charge, according to AllHipHop.com.

    Those accusations escalated to murder after the performer died.

  • What did Atlanta United say about Eversole?

    Atlanta United used Eversole’s We Ready as a pre-game chant for their soccer team.

    They released a statement on his passing.

    “We are heartbroken to hear of the tragic passing of Archie Eversole. A staple in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, Archie adopted Atlanta United before our first season and continued to be one of our club’s most fervent supporters.

    “In addition to his decorated musical career, his voice will long live in our supporters’ minds as ‘We Ready’ billows through the speakers for kick-off at Atlanta United matches. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.”

  • Last Twitter post

    Archie Eversole’s last Twitter post suggested he was looking into making NFTs.

    “I wonder who could help me make a super dope #WEREADY #NFTCommunity #NFT any ideas ??” he wrote on March 2.

  • Was Archie Eversole married?

    It doesn’t appear that the rapper was married.

    There aren’t any news stories about his wife or a possible marriage, and his Wikipedia account doesn’t suggest he was ever married or engaged.

  • When did Eversole record his debut album?

    Archie Eversole was 17 when he recorded his first album, Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style.

    It was released in 2002.

  • Terminus Legion shares tribute

    A photo of Archie Eversole performing was shared on the Twitter account of Terminus Legion, the official supporters’ group of Atlanta United.

    “This one hurts, fam. A lot,” the tweet read.

    “Whether it was attending tailgates, his constant presence at games, or manning the capo stand, few Atlanta hip-hop stars embraced #ATLUTD as hard as Archie had. #RestInPower King. We’ll stay ready.”

  • Fans react on Instagram

    On Archie Eversole’s last Instagram post, fans took to the comments to remember the rapper.

    “RIP man” one person wrote.

    “My dawg d**n man!! I’m hurt but somehow I know you are okay,” another commented.

    “A God with the Gods 💛. Will never forget your smile or spirit #Strong and #Determined Always. Love you.”

  • Eversole’s last Instagram post

    Eversole’s last post on Instagram was made on March 24.

    Tagging Hello Fresh in the caption and hashtagging #WEREADY, Eversole flaunted his meal in a video.

  • When was Eversole born?

    The late rapper was born in July 1984 on a military base in Germany.

  • Who were Eversole’s parents?

    His father was a member of the United States Navy, and his mother was a member of the United States Army, both of whom were stationed in Germany, according to the Daily Mail.

    Eversole was brought up in Atlanta’s College Park neighborhood after his family came to the United States.

  • Brother first charged with assault

    Archie Eversole’s brother, Alexander Kraus, was arrested after he allegedly shot the rapper.

    He was initially charged with aggravated assault, but his charges were upgraded to murder after Eversole died, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta reported.

  • What was Eversole’s real name?

    Archie Eversole’s real name was Arthur Eversole.

    He was shot in late March and died in April.

  • Who shot Archie Eversole?

    Investigators say Archie Eversole’s brother, Alexander Kraus, shot him.

    His brother is now being charged with his murder, according to DeKalb County police and WSB-TV 2 Atlanta.

  • Eversole’s ‘distinctly Southern’ rapping

    Archie Eversole’s Apple Music bio reads: “A product of rap’s Dirty South school, Atlanta, GA, resident Archie Eversole is a hardcore rapper who thrives on thug-life imagery and specializes in lyrics that are violent and/or sexually explicit.”

    It adds: “Eversole’s style of rapping is distinctly Southern, but not all of his influences are from the Deep South; Eversole’s rhymes also owe a creative debt (either direct or indirect) to the late Tupac Shakur and West Coast gangsta rappers like Dr. Dre, N.W.A., and Above the Law.”

  • Fan tributes pour in, continued

    “Rest In Peace, ⁦@archieeversole. Absolute man of the people…” wrote another fan.

    Among those who posted tributes to the late star was also NFL quarterback Robert Lee Griffin III, who wrote: “The man who gave us We Ready, the greatest Game Day anthem ever, has passed away at 37 years old.”

    “Rest In Peace Archie Eversole. Prayers up to his family and loved ones.”

  • Fan tributes pour in

    As news started to spread of Archie Eversole’s passing, several fans took to Twitter to offer their condolences.

    “RIP Archie” trended on the website hours after the news of the rapper’s apparent death.

    “RIP Archie Eversole. Died way too young, good lord. We Ready gonna be playing in stadiums for eternity, king,” one fan wrote.

    Another added: “Rest up Archie Eversole. You was a real one and showed me around the A as a lil kid something I’ll never forget.”

  • Eversole’s brother charged

    Archie Eversole’s brother, Alexander Kraus, has been accused of allegedly shooting the rapper.

    He was arrested after the shooting and charged with aggravated assault. His charges were then upgraded to murder after Eversole died, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta reported.

  • Who was Archie Eversole, continued

    Eversole released United We Conquer, a theme for the Atlanta United Major League Soccer team, in 2018.

    He died on April 13, 2022.

  • Who was Archie Eversole?

    Archie Eversole was a hip-hop recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia, who was born in Germany.

    He is most known for his gold-certified album Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style from 2002 and the track We Ready, a song that borrows Steam’s Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, which is frequently used as a stadium anthem and in ads for American sports.

  • How old was Archie Eversole?

    Eversole died at the age of 37.

    His death was confirmed to The Sun by his nephew.

Source: thesun

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