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The feminist movement is responsible for the indoctrination of a huge number of American women. It is not uncommon for girls to learn that a career over motherhood is the “smart” choice to make in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.

Sadly, many women who experienced an unplanned pregnancy and chose abortion now identify as conservative. The shame they carry from their decision haunts them into silence on the abortion issue.

As a “Fearless” contributor, Shemeka Michelle is often raw and very open about her past. With the latest news of the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade and the outrage being shown by those on the left, Shemeka communicates her own personal story, a story that truly steals the show. She shows that these are not some clumps of cells, they are actual lives with heartbeats that need to be loved and protected.

“Sixty million babies in 50 years is not a result of women not having a choice. It’s not a result of women not being in control of their bodies or being raped or molested. Sixty million babies are a result of [women] being immoral sexually, out of control, using abortion as a method of birth control, and using it as a crutch to be irresponsible. That is what sixty million babies are, and I want us to stop lying as modern women like we don’t have a choice.” Shemeka said.

Watch the clip to hear her story. Can’t watch? Download the clip here..

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Source: TheBlaze

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