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Venus has been on a celestial rampage for the last several months. The nearby planet controls three incredibly significant aspects of our daily lives: ego, finances, and love. So, when Venus goes awry, this trio does, too. 

Since early 2022, Venus has traded off conjunctions with Mars, Pluto, and Saturn. These outside planetary forces have caused rocky romances and periods of self-doubt. Now, as Venus enters Pisces, this lovesick planet is coming for our wallets. 

The stars suggest financial troubles ahead. And while their forecast might be inevitable, the effects don’t have to be. Here’s how to prepare.

The Planetary Players

Venus with ruling signs Taurus and Libra, Neptune with ruling sign Pisces

Most people associate Venus with love alone, but there’s far more to this planet than romance. Venus also controls financial prosperity. Our Venus placements can determine whether we’re stingy or generous (and, in a broader sense, how skilled we are in wealth management). 

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. It also “rules” both signs’ respective houses. This puts Venus at the head of the 2nd House of Value, Taurus’s house. The 2nd House of Value controls assets, resources, and self-worth. 

The other players involved in this financial fritz are Pisces and Neptune. The latter controls the former, and both govern the 12th House of Self-Undoing. Neptune’s nickname is the Master of Illusion. It promotes escapism and clouds the reality of those it’s affecting. 

This directly contributes to Pisces’ aloof, imaginative behavior. Anything under the control of Neptune is liable to get sucked into fantasy worlds far away from real life. Part of it is a deeply rooted romanticism, and part of it’s a defense mechanism.

Venus In Pisces

Woman on credit card with long bill

Pisces is currently flying through the 6th House of Health, which also governs work and daily routines. Neptune happens to be flying in tandem through the same house, doubling the dreamy energy. Later this week, Venus joins the party when it enters Pisces. 

Venus was already liable to feel Neptune’s effects due to its close relationship with Pisces. Now that Venus is headed toward a conjunction with the outer planet, its effects will be that much stronger and more tangible on Earth. 

Everything Venus controls is at risk of getting muddied by Neptune and Pisces’ escapist attitudes. Our ideas of ourselves, relationships, and financial affairs can become foggy and hard to read. Since all of this is happening in the 6th House of Health, this fogginess will likely have long-lasting effects on our physical and financial well-being.

How To Prepare Yourself

Woman on top of piggy bank, holding two words: save, spend

It’s hard to predict exactly how the stars will affect our daily lives. Sometimes it’s direct and visible, and other times it’s far more subtle. Generally speaking, increased mindfulness is beneficial all the time—not just during major celestial events like these. 

More specifically, avoid making major financial decisions until Venus moves out of Pisces in early May. Of course, the stars are rarely considerate of our schedules on Earth. If you have no choice but to make a major money move, then try to allow yourself extra time to think it over. 

Consider the counsel of others, too. It’s easier for an outsider to see the forest through the trees. Our emotions will more acutely influence our financial decisions during this time. It’s important to assess how your feelings might cloud your judgment honestly. If you can’t do it, then find someone who will. 

Finally, be wary of entering into new debts. Overly romantic Pisces and idealistic Neptune can convince us that something is more manageable than it really is. And who will end up bearing the brunt of all those extra bills? Hint: it won’t be Neptune.

The Silver Lining

Woman dancing with giant stack of money

To be clear, Venus in Pisces isn’t a recipe for disaster. In fact, there’s another important planetary element at play here: Jupiter. The giant outer planet governs abundance, optimism, and expansiveness. 

Venus might be flying next to wishy-washy Neptune this month, but Jupiter will be close by, too. Its positive influence has the potential to recenter our focus to the goals before us. But first, we have to steel ourselves to emotional storms. The balance is tipped toward chaos this month; it won’t take much to push Neptune’s influence over the edge. 

April might offer several opportunities to look at life through rose-colored glasses. Take a peek at the view if you must, but be sure to remove them before making any significant decisions. After Neptune’s fog clears, what’s left behind will be up to you.

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