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The babysitter who went on to marry Chris Dawson has been accused of being out for money and revenge against her former husband.
The woman, known as “JC”, was in the stand at Dawson’s murder trial for a third day.
Dawson is accused of killing his first wife Lynette Dawson so he could move on with JC, an allegation he denies.
Chris Dawson arrives at the Supreme Court in Sydney for the first day of his murder trial.
Chris Dawson arrives at the Supreme Court in Sydney. (Nick Moir)

In wedding pictures from 1984, Dawson and JC can be seen smiling, however today she painted a different picture of their relationship during court proceedings.

JC told a judge was she really thought on her wedding day, “Oh my god, what am I doing here… I think I resigned myself that I was not going to get away from him… I don’t feel as though I had a choice”.

Lynette vanished in January 1982 and days later JC claims she was told to move into the family’s Bayview home because the mother of two wasn’t coming home.

JC was accused of “creating an entirely imaginary scenario” by Dawson’s barrister, Pauline David.

“He never said to you at any stage that Lyn Dawson was not coming back,” David put to JC in court.

Chris Dawson is facing trial over the alleged murder of his first wife Lynette Dawson in 1982.
Chris Dawson is facing trial over the alleged murder of his first wife Lynette Dawson in 1982. (Louise Kennerley)

JC replied in a raised voice, “he definitely said Lyn is gone, she’s not coming back… come and help me look after the children”.

“I wanted her to come back so I could go and live my life as a 17-year-old,” JC said.

JC denied suggestions she was out for revenge and money from a book telling her side of the four-decade-long story.

It was also revealed in court that JC is suing the education department over her student-teacher affair with Dawson at Cromer High.

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