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Child safety groups have expressed outrage at a bow and arrow set marketed for five to eight-year-old’s which experts believe could pose a serious safety risk.

The packaging on the Barnett Wildhawk archery set claims its appropriate for children, but testing by 9News and observations by child safety specialists have found the weapon could cause significant harm.

Shooting from 10 metres away, the arrows were found to pierce a watermelon, travelling with such force it pierced through the other side.

Child safety experts are concerned an archery set available in Queensland adventure stores are inappropriate for children. (Nine)

“I wouldn’t give a five-year-old this,” Susan Teerds from Kidsafe Queensland said.

“I’d be even scared to give a five-year-old this right in front of a target.

“This is a deadly piece of equipment if not used under supervision.”

Child safety experts say the archery set should not be used by five-year-olds. (Nine)

The set is manufactured in the United States, but has been seen in several outdoor and adventure stores throughout south-east Queensland.

One retail staff member, who chose not to be identified, said the set was proving popular for the school holidays.

The archery set, made in the United States has been popular in Queensland stores. (Nine)

“I don’t think we would sell it if it was too dangerous,” they said.

“We’ve sold quite a few actually so they are pretty popular.”

In some parts of the world the bow is being used for hunting, with one online review claiming it’s “good for small kills”.

But Teerds is urging any parent to think twice before purchasing it for their kids.

“I’m very concerned it’s just for sale off the shelf and its extremely dangerous,” she said.

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