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Former Prime Minister John Howard has joined the Liberal Party campaign trail in Melbourne, lending his support to vulnerable MPs in marginal seats.

Pounding the pavement in Melbourne on Tuesday, he drew praise from all sides, but some questioned why it was all about a former leader and not the party’s current leader, Scott Morrison.

Meeting voters with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the key seat of Kooyong brought more pressure than ever.

Former PM John Howard spent today campaigning in Victorian marginal seats. (Nine)

“I need all the help I can get and so does he,” Howard said while campaigning in Kooyong.

In Chisholm, a seat the Liberals won during the last election by just over a thousand votes, Howard met with locals.

In Higgins, there were handshakes all around, however some questioned why the former leader was being rolled out.

“Why have we got John? Where’s Scott [Morrison]? Scott can’t come down here can he, too afraid,” one local resident yelled out.

Higgins candidate Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah raised a similar question.

“Where is Scott Morrison?” she asked.

“I mean, why isn’t he here washing some young woman’s hair or grilling a panini, I have to ask.”

Howard refused to answer questions on whether the Prime Minister should step down as leader if the Coalition loses the election.

“You pay on results and the results he’s achieved have been amazing,” he said.

“I don’t have any prediction except to say it will be tight. I’ve been saying that for ages.”

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