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Staff at a Melbourne shop have had their most interesting day at work yet after a furry customer decided to take up residence in their front window display.

They arrived at the homewares store, Bungalow Trading Co on Martin Street in Brighton, just after 9am on Friday, to find a possum alongside the ceramic vases in the front window.

The little friend had made quite the mess during his overnight stay, knocking over homewares and leaving droppings all over the shop.

Staff found the possum starring in the front window. (Instagram)

The workers had no choice but to keep the shop closed – despite customers waiting outside – as the possum did not want to abandon his new home.

He refused to leave the store when the staff tried themselves to help him out, after finding no wildlife services available.

Manager Sarah Blade said they finally managed to get a wildlife rescuer out by 11.30am, who safely removed the possum.

So how did the possum get inside the store?

Blade said it must have wandered in the front door around 5pm yesterday right before closing.

She said a man had told her that he had seen the possum by the entrance to the store, and said he had not seen it run away from the shop.

The possum wasn’t in a hurry to leave. (Instagram)

But Blade said she searched the store before leaving on Thursday night and found no sign the animal had come inside.

Blade said the sneaky furry friend had “definitely” made today the “most interesting day” staff had had in the store.

“We’re absolutely laughing about it,” he said.

“He just walked in the front door – he’s not coming from the roof or anything. He’s just come as a customer and stayed the night and had a lovely evening.

“The cuteness was worth the mess.”

Customers have found the store’s social media posts about the disruption hilarious.

“What colours does it come in?” one wrote.

“Only in Australia!” another said.

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