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Recreational cannabis use could be legal in Australia by as early as next year if the Greens‘ bold new strategy goes to plan.

According to Greens senator and justice spokesperson David Shoebridge, newly obtained legal advice proves the party has the power to pass the bill nationally and put an end to the decades-long debate.

“Legal advice obtained by my office shows that the Greens can pass a bill to legalise cannabis nationally and all state legislation criminalising its legal use, possession and sale can be overridden,” Shoebridge wrote on Twitter.

Drug legalisation and regulation is typically left up to the states but according to Shoebridge, legalising cannabis on a national level would override state and territory laws.

“We could legalise cannabis across the country this year,” he said.

We’ve got a new Parliament, a mandate for change, and Greens in the balance of power in the Senate. This is the best chance we have ever had.

“At least 40 per cent of Australians have used cannabis and any law that makes almost half of us criminals needs to go.

“If you are an adult and want to chill out with cannabis, you should be able to without the threat of police, violence or imprisonment – without worrying whether you could be convicted for smoking a joint with friends.”

Greens Senate Candidate David Shoebridge helped the crowdfunding efforts for Shane Bazzi's legal defence.
Greens Senator David Shoebridge said “this is the best chance we’ve ever had” to legalise marijuana. (James Alcock/SMH 2022)

For the last two and a half years, the ACT has allowed adults to possess up to 50 grams of dried or 150 grams of fresh cannabis and it’s been legal for people to grow two plants per person and smoke at home.

But in all other states and territories, smoking cannabis remains an offence.

Countries like Germany, Uruguay, South Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, and Malta have all made personal cannabis use legal.

Queensland medical marijuana farm
Recreational cannabis use could be legal in Australia by as early as next year if the Greens’ bold new strategy goes to plan. (9News)

In Australia, some 260,000 scripts have been filled for medicinal cannabis in just six years.

Speaking this morning on Today, Senator Jacqui Lambie dismissed the push.

“I don’t think I’ll be puffing on that,” she said.

Lambie did say, however, that she wanted to see larger focus on medicinal cannabis becoming more widely available.

“I would like to see that fixed. I have a lot of veterans out there at the moment struggling to get scripts to that stuff,” she said.

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