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An old friend of Lynette Dawson has claimed the mother was bruised, distressed and desperate for company just two weeks before she vanished.

Roslyn McLoughlin told the NSW Supreme Court that Lynette begged her to come for a coffee at Bayview just before Christmas in 1981.

“She was very adamant that she needed someone with her… that has stuck with me because… she disappeared,” McLoughlin told the court on Thursday in the murder trial of Chris Dawson.

Lynette Dawson's friend Roslyn McLoughlin leaves court after taking the stand at Chris Dawson trial.
Lynette Dawson’s friend Roslyn McLoughlin leaves court after taking the stand at Chris Dawson trial. (9News)

The women had been playing tennis when McLoughlin said she noticed a “grapefruit-sized bruise” on Lynette’s thigh and “some bruises on her arms”.

McLoughlin regrets not asking about the bruises but told the judge family matters weren’t discussed back then.

A former nanny to the Dawsons, who cannot be identified because she was a teenager at the time, also took the stand today.

She claimed Lynette was “a full on loving mother” and Dawson, who is on trial for her murder, was “friendly and approachable, someone I looked up to”.

“I also saw some awful things that left some scars on me,” the woman told the court.

She alleges Dawson “got a tea towel and flicked it across Lyn’s back” all because of a dirty glass and that the mother “had tears in her eyes”.

Chris Dawson leaves court on May 26.
Chris Dawson leaves court on May 26. (9News)

The Supreme Court also heard about a time when the carer says Dawson ordered Lynette to re-iron a pile of clothes that weren’t up to his standard.

The former nanny claimed the final straw was when she saw Dawson grab Lynette by the arm and swing her into a bedroom in an angry forceful act which she claims left the mother looking like a rag doll.

The family’s next babysitter was JC, the woman Dawson is accused of getting rid of Lynette for.

Dawson maintains his wife ran away and denies killing her.

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