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A Ford Mustang used as a getaway car following a double murder in Sydney’s west last year could help crack the case.

Salim, 18, was thought to be a low-level player in an organised crime network, and his 64-year-old dad was an innocent party caught in the crossfire during the shooting.

Grey Mustang used as getaway in double shooting murder of Salim and Toufik Hamze Guilford
This Mustang was used as a getaway car following the double shooting of Salim and Toufik Hamze. (NSW Police)

The stolen grey Mustang was used by the suspects to flee the scene along with a silver Lexus SUV that was later found burnt out.

It was stored at a unit car park on Railway Street in Granville in the days before the murder.

Two days after the shooting, it was found parked at an apartment block in Guilford.

Police have re-released photos of the grey car in an attempt to jog the memory of any potential witnesses.

Salim Hamze, 18, was shot dead in Sydney this morning alongside his father.
Salim Hamze, 18, was shot dead in Sydney alongside his father. (Supplied)

Homicide Squad boss Detective Danny Doherty said today police had forensically examined both vehicles, some items found in the cars, and the spot the Mustang was parked, but needed more help from the public.

“It’s horrific the fact that an 18-year-old has been shot multiple times,” Doherty said.

“But this was a revenge killing.

“Salim was the target for this shooting, he was ambushed, and Toufik was the innocent victim… and he’s paying for the sins of his son.”

He added detectives believe people would have seen the Mustang in the suburbs and “it’s about getting people to come forward and talk to us”.

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