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Guide Dogs New South Wales is looking for people to help raise their next generation of puppies into world-class companions.

The ‘labradorable’ volunteer role aims to provide basic training and a loving home for dogs who eventually play a life-changing role in the independence of those who are vision impaired.

Sydney-based Sian Stallworthy has been a puppy raiser for nearly four years and has raised three perfect puppies for the organisation.

Guide Dogs Australia welcomes new litter of pups
Guide Dogs NSW /ACT is calling on people to become Puppy Raisers this National Volunteer Week. (Supplied)

Currently she is raising Quinlee, who is 14-months-old and will soon undertake his final months of training.

Stallworthy said she gets enjoyment from the puppy itself, and the ultimate cause.

“The puppy raising process has been amazing,” she said.

“Not only do I get the joy of looking after a new puppy which the whole family loves, but I also get to contribute to the work of Guide Dogs, which is doing a fantastic job at supporting people with low vision and blindness.”

Guide Dogs Australia welcomes new litter of pups
The organisation covers the cost of food and vet bills, and requires serious volunteers to help change the lives of those vision impaired. (Supplied)

Puppy raisers foster the animal from eight weeks of age and help them become well socialised, confident, and focused before they start their formal Guide Dog training twelve months later.

Raisers aim to establish good toileting, feeding, sleeping, and walking routines.

They will also be required to attend weekly training sessions so the puppy can learn basic skills such as sitting nicely when being groomed, walking nicely on a lead and developing good house manners – all of which sets them up to develop the skills they’ll need to change a life.

Guide Dogs NSW Puppy Development Manager Karen Hayter says Guide Dogs “wouldn’t be sustainable without the assistance of our volunteers”.

Guide Dogs Australia welcomes new litter of pups
Head to to find out how to become a Puppy Raiser. (Supplied)

“Puppy raisers are a tremendous support to the community and ultimately help Australians living with blindness or low vision lead independent lives.”

Guide Dogs NSW require puppy raisers to have a fully fenced yard, be away from home no more than four hours at a time, have access to a car and be able to attend training days in their local area.

Volunteers must be available for information sessions, vet checks and Puppy Pre-School.

Trio of baby lions born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

Trio of baby lions born at regional Australian zoo

“What you get in return is a life-changing experience and knowing that you’ve positively contributed to your community,” Hayter said.

The organisation covers the cost of food, veterinary bills as well as flea and tick prevention.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has been raising the world class puppies for over 60 years, costing the organisation $50,000 per pup to breed, raise and train.

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