Optus is still contacting victims of last week’s massive cyber-attack, after initially being criticised for revealing the hack via the media.

The telco issued a statement this morning to say it had sent “email or SMS messages” to all customers whose ID document numbers, such as their licence or passport number, were compromised.

“We continue to reach out to customers who have had other details, such as their email address, illegally accessed,” Optus said in a statement.

Email to customer about the Optus cyberattack.
Optus has issued a letter to customers affected by the cyber-attack last week. (Supplied)

“We understand and apologise for the concern that this has caused for our customers.”

Payment details and account passwords have not been compromised, Optus said.

In a letter issued to affected customers, Optus offered advice on what to do next.

“Look out for any suspicious or unexpected activity across your online accounts, including your bank accounts. Make sure to report any fraudulent activity immediately to the related provider,” the letter read.

Optus is continuing to notify customers whose private information was compromised. (AAP)

People are also advised to beware contact from scammers, to avoid suspicious links, and to not provide computer access to anybody who calls, though they may claim to be from a reputable organisation.

In the letter, Optus also said it chose to reveal the hack via the media as it was deemed to be the quickest and simplest way of reaching the most customers, with individual contact to follow.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said today on 4BC the cyber-attack was a “huge wake-up call” for the corporate sector.

Scammer’s plot brought undone by several glaring mistakes in text message

“We want to make sure, as well, that we change some of the privacy provisions there so that if people are caught up like this, the banks can be let known, so that they can protect their customers as well,” he said.

“We know that in today’s world, there are actors, some state actors, but also some criminal organisations who want to get access to people’s data.”

The identity or motivation of the Optus hackers remain mysteries.

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