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A group of Perth marine scientists have made a spectacular ocean discovery, reeling in the deepest fish caught off Australian waters.

Scientists from the University of Western Australia found the fish more than 3000 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia and 6500 metres below the Indian Ocean’s surface,

In the process, they may have discovered a new species.

new fish discovered
The snailfish’s skin is gelatinous and begun to melt when brought up from the sea floor. (9News)

With backing from the Minderoo Foundation — an Australian non-for-profit aimed at solving global issues — Dr Bond and his fellow scientists snagged the two new unnamed species of Snailfish using a $100,000 piece of exploration equipment.

It was fitted with a simple $30 yabby trab and a cheap piece of PVC drain pipe.

The deep-sea lander complete with a yabby trap used to search the deep Indian ocean.
The deep-sea lander complete with a yabby trap used to search the deep Indian Ocean. (UWA)

The small deep-sea dwellers live in temperatures of around 2 degrees and normally melt in warmer conditions.

So, the scientists had to work quickly to bring the creatures to the surface where the mercury was closer to 20 degrees.

“When we bring them up they have this gel that breaks down very, very quickly so they’re quite soft, almost transparent, through their entire body so you can see all their internal organs,” Dr Todd Bond from UWA told 9News.

“You can see their bones.”

With very minor exploration conducted in the Indian Ocean before now, scientists are hoping the discovery will help them learn more about the waters that encircle WA.

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“For us it may seem like a different world but this is one of the biggest habitats on the planet,” Dr Bond said.

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