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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a $53 million-dollar election promise to prospective parents today.

At the centre of the announcement is a $14 million plan to help some couples with IVF. 

From November, Australians whose have cancer, or genetic conditions that might be passed on to their children will be able to access subsidised IVF and store an egg, sperm or embryo for free. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison pictured with his wife Jenny and two daughters.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison pictured with his wife Jenny and two daughters. (Scott Morrison)

This is expected to help around 6,200 Australians and save them each about $600. 

Both of the prime minister’s daughters were born with the help of IVF.

Morrison said he understood the hurdles and difficulties many Australians faced in trying to have children after his own family’s IVF journey.

“I want to help thousands more Australians achieve their dream of becoming parents,” he said.

“For people battling cancer or staring down the risk of genetic diseases it’s already a difficult battle, and this new subsidy will help give them more options about their aspirations to become parents.

“Right when these aspiring mums and dads need help the most, we’ll be there.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the government would also deliver more support to parents planning pregnancy and in their children’s first year.

There will be $13.7 million in funding going towards streamlining access to information and services to support new parents, updating clinical pregnancy care and postnatal guidelines, and strengthening advice to government on improving maternity services for families in rural areas.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese will make a pitch to women today. He’ll be proposing new economic measures to try and close the gender pay gap and increase career options. 

Labor is also promising 11 million dollars for play groups in regional and rural areas.

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