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Councillor Adelia Berridge has reported to police an email which she claims was sent to her by fellow Redlands councillor Paul Golle.

In the email allegedly sent by Golle, he accused Berridge and Wendy Boglary of leaking claims of a “booze culture” within Redlands City Council to the media, writing it has “not only damaged my reputation but the organisation’s reputation”.

Police are investigating allegations of threatening emails following the controversy surrounding Redlands mayor, Karen Williams. (Nine)

Golle allegedly asked his colleagues, “should I now contact the media and provide photographs of former Cr Elliot… and Cr Boglary both holding a bottle of beer and glass of wine as far back as 2016?”

“Or first term Cr Berridge at the 2021 Christmas party?”

In bold red print, he writes: “Rest assured I will not stoop to that.”

Berridge claims Golle’s correspondence was “a panic email” in the wake of the controversy surrounding the mayor.

“It’s a major concern when you receive a hint of a threat,” Berridge said.

Golle did not respond to 9News’ request for comment.

Police are still assessing the complaint about the alleged emails.

Karen Williams’ fate could be decided at the next council elections. (Nine)

In relation to the viability of Williams’ role as mayor, 9News understands there will be a motion of no confidence at the next Redlands City Council general meeting, with councillors given the opportunity to voice or withdraw support for Williams.

Capalaba MP Don Brown claimed Redlands residents have expressed disappointment in the city’s current leadership.

“The feedback I’m getting now is that ratepayers are disappointed in the whole lot of them,” he said.

Williams will remain mayor unless stood down by the minister, or voters.

“I’d love to go to an election. I’d love to,” Berridge said.

“We’ve got two years to run. We can’t run like this. This is dysfunctional.”

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